0 The Mothers' Club


Why read this book?

If you need a support system to face the death of a child or if you are seeking a sensitive approach to comfort the bereaved, you will find

  • Real stories with real reactions to loss retold by family and friends;
  • An affirmation to grieve your way;
  • Spiritual nourishment;
  • Words of encouragement;
  • Guidance on how to endure a loss;
  • Ways to create your own Mothers' Club or other support group;
  • Knowledge on how to console;
  • True acts of comfort;
  • Ways to remember your child and
  • Your child giving a gift of life by donating his or her organs.

This book is dedicated to our children. If we enlighten only one person, our labors of love is worthwhile. We pray The Mothers' Club becomes your beacon - a guide to shedding light on unanswered questions that keep you in your own personal darkness!

Anne Woods

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